Emilia Sierzputowska

I am a freelance writer based in Gdansk, Poland. I grew up in a small town soaking up popular culture available on TV and in VHS rental stores. I'm on the lookout for patterns and trends in popular culture. I write in Polish and English.


How Women Directors Show The Nuanced Reality Of Female Friendship

My first vivid memory of female friendship portrayed in film comes from Michael Goldenberg’s 1996 rom-com Bed of Roses. Pamela Adlon’s line, directed at her best friend’s love interest — “If you ever hurt her, I’ll kill you” — is, since adolescence, stored in my why-do-I-remember-this drawer. Fortunately, a sidekick in a rom com who is only there to provide relationship advice to the protagonist is not the full extent of how female friendship has been covered on the big screen.
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All these sleepless nights – a formally inventive ode to youth

In All these sleepless nights, a Polish-British coproduction, Michał Marczak, a 34-year-old Polish director, takes a look back on the experience of youth. His perspective is dominated by a sentimental angle when the camera follows characters in their mid-twenties focusing on the freedom they enjoy, be it in deciding what to do in the evening or establishing what life should be about. The main characters, Krzysztof and Michal, are two fashion-aware, chain smoking friends, who want to experience
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Woman reveals her inspiring struggle against a torn blouse

After arriving at her floor, she directed her nervous steps to the office bathroom with her phone in her hand. ‘I knew right away that this is something I need to take a photo of and send it to my girlfriends,’ Rachel explained. In the bathroom it became clear that she would need to spend the rest of her working day with her arm glued to the left side of her body. ‘It was a struggle not only because it was uncomfortable. I had to keep the blouse moved slightly to the left to hide the hole

„Gogglebox” – telewizja na aby aby

Na początku każdego odcinka Gogglebox. Przed telewizorem lektor oznajmia, że przed odbiornikami zasiada codziennie 25 milionów Polaków. Potem usadowieni we własnych pokojach widzowie – tacy jak my, kanapowi recenzenci telewizji – oglądają wybrane seriale, wiadomości, talk i talent showy z minionego tygodnia, a my oglądamy ich szczere i spontaniczne reakcje. Takie przynajmniej jest założenie doskonale realizowane w oryginalnym Gogglebox nadawanym na angielskim Channel 4.
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Long days and fickle stock market

Recurrent efforts in the life of an unrelenting and witty Swede paving his way for success in the harsh world of finance. Martin Stridh claims that becoming a broker wasn’t his childhood dream.A 38-year-old Swede decided on the profession as an adult, after graduating from governmental studies and he is firmly sticking to his choice of a career in finance. “When I was a kid I had regular boyish fantasies about my future. A policeman, a soldier, an astronaut was what I had in mind for myself. T
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Dropping Everything For Vietnam

When Ola and Pieter informed their friends and families that they are quitting their jobs and going to Vietnam, the reactions they received were not only supportive but also envious: “It’s so great! I wish I could do something like that”. “Just because you change places, your life doesn’t become that much different. You have the same issues and you start following daily routines very quickly. Seriously, after three weeks we had our restaurants, our shop,” says Pieter Hauwaerts, 27, with his cal
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“Reunion” - coming to terms with the past

The film begins at a class reunion where Anna Odell confronts her former classmates with examples of how they bullied her in school. She was deceived to believe that one of the boys was in love with her. She was told by one of her classmates that he would have killed himself if he looked liked her. She was constantly mocked and ridiculed. In the rather unusual toast she gives at the party, she confesses that now, finally, she has the courage to say what she couldn’t say before. Odell wants them

Spacer po współczesnym, a nie historycznym Gdańsku

Murale to teraźniejszość Gdańska. W swojej książce fotograficznej "Czytając mury" gdańska artystka i kuratorka Agnieszka Wołodźko kieruje obiektyw aparatu na otaczający nas street art, zostawiając żurawie stoczniowe na drugim planie. Co to jest mural, każdy widzi. Jednak definicja zjawiska przysparza wielu trudności znawcom tematu. Na wstępie książki autorka próbuje wytłumaczyć, że dla niej jest to jeden z przejawów street artu, skierowany do przypadkowego odbiorcy i próbujący nawiązać z nim di

Młodzi dorośli - praca, cele, priorytety

Czasy, kiedy całe życie zawodowe spędzało się w jednym zakładzie pracy należą już do przeszłości, do pokolenia rodziców obecnych około trzydziestolatków. Dziś liczy się nie tylko bezpieczna posada, ale również sukces – czytaj: samorealizacja plus pieniądze. Takie przynajmniej odnosi się wrażenie, czytając o „success stories” młodych dorosłych w kolorowych magazynach. Czy w sytuacji, gdy portale z ogłoszeniami o pracę prezentują wachlarz ofert otwierający się na doradcy klienta, a kończący na pr